What you Absolutely Must Know about Christmas Sweets


In the early days of healthy eating, at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, there were still health gurus who preached healthy eating. Most of the meals must have tasted awful as there was the principle that healthy food had to have an awful taste. Nowadays the idea has – luckily – changed, and even the health experts agree that healthy meals must be awesome. This is one of the reasons why I would suggest for Christmas dinner Pears with Chocolate-Hazelnut- and Almond Cream or Orange and Red Currant Slices Served with Hot Chocolate Vienna Style, as both are outstanding desserts.

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So now when you can see how mouthwatering they look, why not make cookies or desserts yourself? You will know, what it is in, the best ingredients of course, you can avoid to take unhealthy things like refined sugar or flour, and you have the choice under the best recipes. Like those on my blog. The recipes are not complicated, if you follow the instruction you will be astonished how simple it is to produce your own sweets. Some of them even aren´t to be baked, like the Orange and Red Currant Slices (s. photo above right) and the Coconut-Chocolate-Pralinés (s. photo below).



Under all sweets there are some that are not only the most delicious but even the healthiest, as they are raw. That means that no healthy ingredient is being destroyed during cooking time. If there is something that should be baked like Matthew Kenney`s Macaroons (sic) you can avoid the hot baking temperature by dehydrating them. This is a kind of mild baking process without destroying the vital substances. You do it at a very low temperature for some hours. Start with the Macaroons, if you have no dehydrator like me, follow the instructions of my recipe, and you will be hailed the best pastry chef in family.

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When reading recipes there are often comments like: I cannot eat this or that, I am allergic of XX or I do not like XX. Why not replacing an ingredient with another? So did I when making the Macaro(o)ns. No, I didn´t anything change with the dough. It is perfect, delicious, to die for. But the suggested cream is a vanilla cream my husband and I do not like very much. So I created a lemon cream which goes perfect with cashews and coconut. – The other thing is that I have no ice cream scoop, so I formed cookies with my hands. That was it. It didn´t change the taste a bit. Believe me. My tip: always be creative, never give up and make the best of everything! This applies to all aspects of life.


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