Staying Young with Ballet is a Beautiful Thing

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Healthy eating  – taking vegetables, salad and fruits – keeps young and healthy, the other thing is to more move. Imagine how many hours per day you are sitting at your desk or on your sofa watching TV. This was not planned by nature, the human being was moving almost the whole day until the forties, fifties of the last century. That kept the people slim and fit. Why don´t we imitate this, why don´t we move more and start … with ballet! Everybody can do it at any time and at any age like the grown up ladies and the children on the photos below, all students at the Ballettschule Reinisch in Graz.


Stretching is one of the most effective things to get your muscles longer! Wouldn´t it be nice if your legs and arms became slim and long? And your poise that of a dancer? When I am speaking with people and telling them that I have taken up ballet training four years ago (after a pause of more than 30 years), they say, “Oh, this is why you are standing up so straight!” And it is no secret that almost every model is taking ballet classes regularly. The reason why? They want to get and keep the perfectly shaped body.

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Even as you will not look like this from the very first lesson (s. photos above – Viola has been training ballet since her childhood and has graduated last year as professional dancer), you will become better and better from one minute to the next. You really can measure it: when you are doing a developpé – stretching your leg e.g. forward and lifting it -, it will be much higher at the end of class than at the beginning. Your self-confidence will grow and you will train much more intense than you would have done as a teenager. A first success will soon be visible, even when making a split.


No, it didn´t look like that split on the photo above when Viola was starting with ballet as a child. It will more have looked like those of the girls on the photos below. And you know what? The grown ups, the ladies on the right, who started with ballet as adults, are doing better splits than the girls. You know why? Because they are training it at home. The older you are, when starting with ballet, the more ambitious!

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If you are becoming curious about ballet and about how to start it – take trial lessons on Internet. One of the best virtual teachers is Mary Helen Bowers who has founded Ballet Beautiful. Follow her on her Youtube Channel and start with class today. Everything is easy to understand and easy to execute. Believe me, after some lessons with her, you will only want one thing: attending a real ballet class near where you are living.

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