A New Recipe ... for Life: The How to Not Die Diet*


For all those who think “I am living healthy” some questions to be honestly answered: how many fresh vegetables, fruits and salads are you taking a day? 80 % of your daily food, 40 % or is it only 10 %? Is your diet full with starch? I mean how often do you eat refined breads, commercial cakes and cookies, processed potatoes and salty snacks? Or are you living vegan and taking many soy products? – Answers: If your diet is not plant based and is full with starch, processed snacks and/or soy products then you are not living healthy.


Eating plant based is the very best diet. Prefer organic vegetables, salads and fruits to other edibles. The fresher the plants are the better. Avoid taking starch = refined sugar and refined flour as well as products that contain starch like bread and pasta: you can of course replace it with other flours or products that are made of other flours like buckwheat, amaranth, chickpea and chestnut. And please avoid using soy beans and soy products like tofu, soy flour, soy milk, soy yoghurt, soy cream etc – soy beans are naturally toxic and can cause cancer!


Eating vegan and plant based is a big thing, a pleasant, delectable and joyful adventure. You will find many recipes for tasty and delicious meals on my blog, you will use new edibles you have never heard before. Nothing exotic, only new. You surely will have had almonds … at least once in your life 😉 ? … but have you had almond butter or almond milk? Have you ever had starch free bread? Made of seeds, crunchy nuts and starch free flour? Have you ever had a smoothie? I mean a fresh and tasty one, made of organic fruits and vegetables, not the proceeded juice in bottles you buy supermarkets.


Inspire yourself on the Medici&More blog (search for Recipes, Books and Links ) or by searching on Internet or by buying cookbooks who focus on this diet. It helps to improve the quality of your daily life and to prolong your lifetime. This should be a precious thing to you. And an extra: you want to achieve an old age but you do not want to look of old age? This is what the diet can. You only have to follow its rules.

*The titles is inspired by the New York Times bestselling book The How to Not Die Cookbook by Michael Greger, MD.

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