Ballet Studies in a Pair


These two young ladies (s. photo above) were both posing for the camera during class at the same time and didn´t know, that is why I like this photo very much) – Viola in the foreground, Gudrun in the background. They have been exercising since many years at the Ballettschule Reinisch to graduate as professional ballerinas this summer. Karl Reinisch is still working with some other students but will stop this branch after their graduation.


For every student, whatever level they are, class begins at the barre, the exercises become harder and harder from one exercise to the next. You have to concentrate on many things even if it looks as if one figure would only be one thing. From the head downwards everything has to be on the right place: the shoulders, the spine, the hips, arms and legs (depending in what position they are), the feet and even the toes.


What you can see on the photos above seems to be very similar, but: on the left photo the girls keep their legs with the arms, on the right photo there is no support for the legs. This is much much more difficult.


Every class finishes in the middle of the room (s. photo above) with more exercises and step sequences.



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