Healthy Eating Makes Happy? Unhealthy Food Causes Depression?

If you want to become healthier and happier for any length of time and want to frolic again, you must above all … change your eating habits! What? – It is scientifically proven that fast food and ready-made meals are not only unhealthy but can even cause depression! The healthier you eat – fresh organic vegetables and fresh organic fruits – the healthier becomes your mind and your body. Of course it is not easy to change eating habits within one day. If you propose somebody to eat more vegetables and more fruits you will get the speedy answer: “How can I eat a head of cabbage, three cucumbers, a pineapple and a pound of lettuce per day …” This would be very difficult, only few were able to do so. By the way, it would take a long time and nobody would enjoy the meal.


For those who do not want to eat tons of vegetables and fruits per day a good advice: drink fresh juices or smoothies! (recipes here) Organic quality! These drinks taste surprisingly good, really delicious and they contain a nice quantity of vegetables and fruits. And prepare Salad with Sauce Medici, the salad with the best sauce you have ever had.

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