Laughter is the Best Medicine

Since I was a child I have known ill or depressed persons. I always tried to divert them and to tell them amusing stories, things that had happened to me, and was glad when they laughed about. It took many years to learn that laughter was not only literally healing but a remedy for any disease! Did you know?

Four women, three amazing smiles (except me - I make the people laugh ;-) ...)

Four women*, three amazing smiles, except me – I make the people laugh 😉

To laugh as much as possible is one of Dr Gisela Heldt´s helpful advices, her many tips are simple and understandable. Two of the most important are to support the immune system by taking a lot of natural vitamins, to keep the body alkaline and to avoid acid … One would like to add “when eating and drinking”, and this is right. But did you know that your body produces acid when you are bad tempered or depressive? No? How to help yourself in this case? Doctor Heldt´s advice: laugh, laugh and laugh!

How to make yourself laugh when you are depressive? When you are sad? When you suffer from a severe illness? … This is a big challenge, not only for those who suffer but also for family and friends. How can one dupe sadness and depression? I think, the easiest way is watching movies that make you laugh, see here.

If there is no time to watch a movie, doctor Heldt´s emergency tip: make your face smiling. How that? Very easy. Cut a cucumber lengthwise in half or quarter it and stick a piece of about 7 – 8 cm between your lips. If there is no cucumber in the fridge, help yourself with a courgette/zucchini or a celery stalk. Look at yourself in the mirror! A big grin should say hello to you, at least a funny face. If not, the piece of vegetable was too short.

* Find more about the Cistercian nuns here. Number Three, the lady with the most beautiful smile, is my friend Astrid, Number Four me.


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