It Is Mid-July, And We Had Our First Picnic On The Alp!


After a really long winter, deep temperatures, snow and rainfall, we finally could have our Spring Picnic. It usually takes place at the begin of May but then there was still ice and snow on the way to the hut. Not even the all-terrain vehicles could go there. Last Saturday it was sunny and warm, we packed the picnic basket and went there.


I am always trying to find new spreads and meals for the picnic. This year the menu was totally new: we had a pizza for two (the dough made of buckwheat), an adorable potato salad, a peas paté (by Alain Ducasse), a vegan egg spread, a Bavarian cheese spread and radishes. My favorite was the Bavarian one which is made from Camembert, onions, one tbsp butter, one tbsp crème fraïche, paprika powder, salt and pepper. So tasty and delicious!

IMG_7033_bearbeitet-1 IMG_7034_bearbeitet-3

A look behind the hut – on the left there were many foxgloves. I always had thought that foxgloves are garden flowers and must be planted (as seen in many English garden magazines). Some time ago I found out that there are many natural foxgloves in the mountains, very high (at about 1200 – 1400 meters). In some years there are thousands of them, flourishing in bright colors in the meadows.


Portrait of the beauties – one can imagine that the English love to have them in their gardens. Even as I think that a fox cannot wear the blossoms as gloves there must be a connection between the flowers and foxes, a legend at least. The scientific name is Digitalis which means “finger”. In German the flower is called “Fingerhut”, “thimble”, which would be a weak protection for your fingers.


Other summery pleasures – the this year´s water in rivers and streams, building cascades on the rock. I have been remembering empty riverbeds and moats for many years. The intense rainfall in the last months brought water, not only for the rivers but also – which is immensely important – for the ground-water and wells. And for the public baths of course, actually overcrowded places. Enjoy summer!


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