You Can Do More Well for Yourself than Eating Healthy

One of the most interesting things I have learned when studying holistic nutrition was that every part of the body is “leaky”. Don´t think the worst, all I mean is that everything in our body – be it the skin, the vasculature system, the organs, the tissue and even the bones can be diffused by every liquid or creamy substance, good or bad. And how one would imagine: the good substances have positive effects, the bad do damage. Every kind of damage everywhere in the body can cause diseases, so why don´t we stop using bad = chemical substances instead of using good = natural substances?


© Photos by Georg Tiefnig (read more about him here)

Julia Pengg (above left and me, testing plant based skincare) who owns two vegetarian restaurants in Graz expanded her business in selling natural organic cosmetics, they can be bought on Internet. There are meantime many producers for organic and plant based cosmetics, so it became easy to get what you want and what you need. That means, for those who are thinking about what I first said – there is a solution. You need not any longer cream chemical substances onto your skin.


I who is always thinking about natural body care solutions have started experimenting on my own. The first thing I gave up was shampoos. Since one year I wash my hair with … water! This is how millions of people did it for millions of years. As setting lotion I use freshly squeezed lemon, the best “lotion” I have ever used. Since last december I have started producing lip balm (s. the article on the blog) and I make our tooth paste. On Internet I found the best solution for night care – it is coconut oil (an extra jar, not that one you use for cooking and baking). There is no better nutrition for your skin!

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