When Is the Best Time to Take Natural Vitamins?


Do you know the answer? Is it now because it is winter? Is it always? You have of course guessed it – it is always, but in the moment it is indispensable as so many people have caught the flu and you and I do not want to get it. So let´s strengthen our immune systems and take as many raw fruits, salads and vegetables as possible.


I know that most people prefer eating warm soups to taking raw vegetables (which contain of course much more natural vitamins). This is o.k. in our region, in cold Middle and Northern Europe, as it is nice and warming. Tip no 1: To keep as many vitamins and all the other benefits of the vegetables, don´t overcook them.


When you are preparing something like the white vegetable velouté or the creamy carrot soup, cut the vegetables – tip no 2 – in small pieces. Tip no 3: roast and cook them only for 12 – 15 minutes and puree everything with the hand blender.


The easiest way to take raw vegetables and fruits is drinking smoothies like the Magic Berry and the Green Smoothie and eating salad, dips and creams with crackers or bread (search for more smoothie, salad, dip and cream recipes on the blog).


You can take almost every vegetable and every leafy green for your salad, particularly those who are your favorites. In our salads there must always be radishes (French breakfast radishes or the larger black ones), avocados and tomatoes. This is the basis, add everything tasty from what you find in your fridge.


And yes, dark chocolate, cocoa butter and coconut oil are healthy and can be used for the most delicious sweets. Here is the recipe for white chocolate pralinés, feel free to (slowly) melt at low temperature any of these ingredients and use for example coconut sugar as sweetener. Spoil yourself, you deserve it!

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