Visiting Stift Admont´s Flower and Herb Gardens


One of my blog´s signature photos (find it here) – the abbey´s front towards the garden. In the German “About” version I took the photo of the herb garden, which can also be seen on the photo above (right). This is the one and only article where I took two different photos for the English and German version as I could´t decide which I loved more.


As there are still two long weekends this May it is a good idea to visit Stift Admont, right in the heart of Austria. There are so many things to explore, rain or shine, you can even have a picknick with your children in the vast park. Don´t forget to bring fresh fruits and healthy snacks, it tastes delicious after an hour or two of adventures!


My husband and I love the plant gardens we visit at least twice a year to be inspired by plants (our favorites are the artichokes – they are beautiful in every state), flower beds, fences made of wood, to watch swans and ducks on the pond and the flourishing water lilies …


When you enter the garden at the gate (2nd photo on top) you suddenly see flower beds on the right (changing with the seasons), and even along the buildings wall there are flowers, bushes and other plants.


My favorite flowers, pink Bergenias, are in the herb garden (s. photo above). By the way, I love this photo, because the Bergenias are in the garden and even on the outer side of the fence. It seems as if some of them longed for more space and broke out.


When the weather is fine the next place to visit must be the pond. It is not only peaceful with the most beautiful mirroring effects, but there are many swans and ducks one can watch for hours.


For those who are interested in the scientific part of nature: there is the Naturhistorisches Museum (= Museum of Natural History) with exciting collections, such as the fruits made of wax – 243 fine art works, all handmade by Pater Constantin Keller who also founded nursery gardens for fruit trees and concentrated on their refinement.


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