Time to Think about Easter ... and about Gifts

Every woman wants to be adored for her elegance and for her style. To make this style absolutely perfect you can buy by now “Les Chaussons de la Belle“, the most beautiful fairy tale shoes, in the German speaking part of the world: in Vienna, right in the City (here), and only there!


One of my best friends Giuliana Venerosi-Pesciolini who comes from Italy and lives in Spain, designs “Les Chaussons de la Belle”a superb collection of Italian handmade shoes and bags, inspired by the refined colors and the Versailles style of the fascinating 18th Century.


“Les Chaussons de la Belle” is an elegant and timeless collection of indispensable accessories: there is a sleek, seductive low heel style shoe, an irresistible high heel one and a delightful jewel of a bag to hold in your hand like a lily, very aptly named “L’Insolente”. Shoes and bag are made of moiré, cotton jacquard or silk brocade. Rubelli produces the beautiful fabrics in Venice, a manufacturer in whose rooms one (like me) could stay for hours and hours. 


Don´t hesitate to have a look on these beauties and to slip in. I swear you will feel like a fairy queen when walking in these unique shoes … Les Chaussons de la Belle.



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