The Perfect Place to Calm Down - Where Is This?


Some days ago a good friend of mine wrote me that she had spent most relaxing days in the health resort Vollererhof in Salzburg. I wrote back: I can imagine as my husband and I are often there. We love everything, as it is a health resort but much more a lovable hotel which has been in family hands since 1927, more than 90 years. It is actually led by Mag Christian Scheck who is supported by many members of the family in three generations! This is something very special.


The hotel is a typical Austrian Alpine chalet, where wood, light, flowers and mountains are starring and where the host personally welcomes the hotel and spa guests as good friends, under which many highly esteemed regular guests. It is something special to come (back) to this hotel, which becomes a kind of a second home, with hosts one is related to, and where one isn´t only a spa guest, one of many, waiting for the next treatment.

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One of the many reasons why my husband and I like to go there is the formidable cuisine! Like the best French cooks, the Vollererhof is growing its own vegetables. During the season you get everything fresh, fruits and vegetables come directly from the garden onto your plate. You can choose under many different diets, vegan and vegetarian is of course an option. There is also the possibility to take the F.X. Mayr-Kur in a separate room, you shall not be distracted by others when you are fasting. By the way, did you know that fasting helps to keep you and your body young?

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What your body and your senses concern, have them spoiled! There are so many facilities to discover (please click here to learn more about) – one of our favorites is the salt water outdoor pool with a phenomenal view. But there is of course also an indoor swimming pool, a panorama sauna, a laconicum (a lighter sauna form), an aroma steam bath, a salt water inhalation tunnel, wellness showers, a solarium, a gym and … the landscape around. Breathtaking!


Enjoy yourself, take long walks in the surroundings and go to Salzburg with its many museums, concerts, events and retrace Mozart´s steps, the genius loci, who was born right there in the Getreidegasse.

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