Southern Styrian Delights*


What I love most in Austria is that there are many castles, several still owned by private persons who live there with their families. You can find many palaces and fortresses in Southern Styria, and there are very often open days. You can visit the place for a flower show, a musical event or you can even rent it for a special occasion. This is Schloss Ottersbach where we were last week for a garden fair.


When I was walking around I suddenly heard music. Music is something that always attracts me, so I went directly to where the music came from. Manuel Hafner & Nadjas Cello** were playing, next to a lovely rose garden, a kind of folk music from Vienna and Styria that sounded as well modern as classic. The duo still has produced two CDs and they are glad to bring music to your wedding, birthday or divorce parties (I loved the divorce party idea). Visit their homepage, it is very diverting.


There were many nice arrangements with roses and wooden barrels (s. photos below). I loved the one with the tiny waterfall … or was it a spring? In any case something with murmuring water that everybody loves. I remember that I had read as a child something about a burbling spring and I was very disappointed later when I saw a real one in nature that didn´t make any sound. Not the lightest splash.


As we have family in South Africa I am always interested in things that have a connection to there. One could see figs (s. photo on the left below) what reminded me of our nephews fig farm. The figs in the show looked so fresh that one would have liked to take one. And there were agapanthus, flowers I love for their beautiful light blue color. Conclusion: flower shows are worth to be visited throughout the year.


*Plus: the best restaurants in Styria are there. ** Credit photo number three ©Barbara Amon.


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