Sleeplessness - Three Tips that Help You to Get Your Sleep Back


It is 2020, and I can still write relaxed about a problem I had six years ago, when a five meter high electric ventilator, in a distance of 400 m from our house, was running 24 hours a day. It brought air current into a tunnel where construction workers were occupied day and night. By the way, it was not the noise that kept me awake but the vibration of the house caused by the fan. For many months I couldn´t sleep more than 3 hours per night. One cannot imagine what effect this has on the body. You are absolutely incapable to experience life. It is as if you were dreaming that all the people around are having fun and you observe them without being able to participate.

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When I almost went mad from this, I realized that my husband looked more and more ill because he saw me suffering and couldn´t help. This was so alarming, that I found at least the strength to do something – to ask a holistic doctor and close friend for tips against insomnia. She had some good ideas, one was to take valerian drops or rescue remedies (Bach flowers) before going to bed. The other thing was to let everything out of the bed that shouldn´t be there – books for example (I had read many during that time in bed) and the third and best tip was to take a slumber drink made of wine.



Firstly, if you have alcoholic problems, please don´t take this drink! Secondly, if you find wine disgusting, please do prefer drops (s. above). All the others, give it a try! Start preparing it half an hour BEFORE you are going to bed. – Recipe:  Heat red or white wine (one glass) in a pan until the bubbles of oxygen rise to the surface. Put aside, add some water, fill into a glass or mug and drink. Sit down somewhere in your home and read a good book. Not an exciting thriller, but something nice and calming. The moment you notice that you are becoming drowsy, put the book away and move towards your bed. Switch off the light, shut your eyes, imagine lying on a summer meadow and enjoy the moment. You will soon sleep like a baby (or a kitty cat).

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When I was reading the Eluxe Magazine the other day I got the inspiration to write this blog post. An article by Chere di Boscio about foods that help you sleep better had caught my interest. The funny thing is that three of the five submitted “remedy foods” are absolute favorites of mine – oatmeal, nuts and bananas. Oatmeal is an all-rounder in my kitchen as I don´t only use it in porridge and typical oatmeal dishes, but almost always as flour in cakes, tarts, patties and cookies. More about here and one of our favorite recipes – nut-oatmeal cake with chocolate icing (in the evening maybe preferable without chocolate). Nice dreams and a restful sleep!


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