Salzburg When It Sizzles

I have to confess, I borrowed three words of the heading from a movie title … but I replaced Paris with Salzburg ūüėČ .¬†Though¬†Paris When It Sizzles (starring¬†Audrey Hepburn) is not my Audrey movie favourite, I like it because it is set in Paris.¬†I love Paris and I love Salzburg, another sizzling town, so I found¬†the title very inspiring.


The sizzling can¬†optimally be experienced in the evening¬†after the sunset. Most beautiful when there is still a bit light in the sky, but already¬†several lights in the windows on and some spotlights highlighting parts of the fortress and St Peter¬īs tower.


Almost the same view, nonetheless totally different, seen from in front of the festival houses¬†– the fortress and St Peter¬īs tower on a cloudy day. Everything looks serious and solemn. And silent. Love the many copper roofs (and the lion of course). The beautiful colour of the verdigris makes Salzburg so elegant and festive.

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Nobody will guess my favourite place in Salzburg … will you? When I am leaving the Altstadt-Garage, a most interesting parking house right in the M√∂nchsberg, carved out of the stone like the nearby Neutor, I have to pass through,¬†the first view to right is this. Breathtaking, worth to see all year long.¬†Every moment of the day …


Now you will be astonished: There is another favourite view with almost the same protagonists, this time seen from the Kapuzinerberg. There is the fortress and a baroque church, the cathedral with green copper roofs I miss so much in Styria (there are some in Graz, but in our days they often use transparent varnish when restoring them and the copper becomes dark brown).


Sizzling Salzburg in summer. It seems that it puts on a more elegant dress¬†during¬†this time. And why? Because: “It is August … There is that festival … with all the big shots in the musical and theatrical world collecting there, there is an awful lot of awfully good music and so on. These are four reasons.” (captured by Ferdinand Czernin in the most amusing book This Salzburg! London, 1937)


View to the historical center from¬†the other side of the river Salzach (at the foot of the Kapuzinerberg). Like on photo number 4 from top, one can see the fortress, the cathedral¬†and¬†on the far right the Universit√§ts- or Kollegienkirche. It is a masterwork by one of Austria¬īs most famous baroque architects, Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach.


The most amazing high-altar with its delicate white stucco-work. This is a very rare solution in the presbytery –¬†a not so mighty altar¬†with a¬†relief on top of it, a scenery in the clouds, overpopulated with angels and putti.¬†It seems they want to¬†invite¬†the tiny¬†golden angels on top of the altar to leave earth and join the celestial scenery.


This is the last view to the fortress and St Peter, the photo was taken only some days ago, mid-February 2023. Any of the snapshots are capturing personal sizzling moments. The most sizzling are always the first or the last I take when arriving or leaving Salzburg. If you need more arguments why the city is so attracting become a follower of VisitSalzburg.

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