Regina Ledoldis – Artist and Sculptor

Some of you will remember the last year´s article about the hobby painter Mariella Ammerer whose mother Regina Ledoldis is a professional artist (you can contact her here). The future sculptor was born in Eisenerz (Styria, Austria) where her parents ran a stone cutters company*. In their workshop and in the store Regina Ledoldis got still as a child daily inspiration by the work of her parents and the material stone. By watching her family in their every day activities she learned a lot and eventually decided to study stone structure and sculptor.


Daughter and mother: Mariella Ammerer and Regina Ledoldis

When a friend of the family spoke with enthusiasm of historic gardens and sculptures in Italy this was the kick-start for her future career as sculptor. Watching people inspires Regina Ledoldis, so the sculptures get the many different characters. This is very typical and in the tradition of the baroque “Zwergel-Garten” (“Dwarf Garden”), you can find one of the most famous in Salzburg in the park of Schloss Mirabell.


One of Medici&More´s favorites: the very shy Monsieur**

In her workshop Regina Ledoldis is working the figures out of sandstone, if the weather is fine she relocates to the garden. The artwork develops day by day, every piece gets its individual name, individual character and individual expressiveness. The making of every figure takes three months of her lifetime, but it enriches her in a spiritual way as this is a big reward for the work.


The perfect stage for the sculptures is the garden. Surrounded by plants and flowers, hidden under trees and bushes they appear like beings from another world. The statues originality and vibrancy makes them magical and pure, something Regina Ledoldis is very fond of. – Her artworks can and could be seen in many exhibitions, some months ago she was invited to show them in a splendid garden show in Vienna.


*Regina Ledoldis´ brother Alfred Valland is now the company´s owner that is still based in Eisenerz.

**Medici&More baptized him “the very shy Monsieur”.

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