Photo Shoot with the Ballerina-Model Viola


For many years I have been taking photos – on most of them you will find (baroque) architecture or dishes. Sometimes I took photos in ballet school where I have been training for two years. There I met Viola who caught my eye from the very beginning for her elegant ballet style and for her appearance. Since spring we were talking about a summer photo shoot in a beautiful scenery. So I did my first model shoot ever.


In summer Viola graduated as ballerina and she has started modeling some months ago. Therefor we did this funny shoot, it is a kind of to-dance-or-not-to-dance reflection: “Shall I become ballerina? Or shall I concentrate on modeling?” This was of course a joke for the photos, as ballet will always be a Number One Project in Viola´s life.


We were doing ballerina things in the breathtaking scenery near the Parish Church and the Mausoleum in the City of Graz. Once Viola wears the tutu like a fontange (s. photo above, on the left), a headdress ladies wore in the baroque era, at the same time she is looking like a 50s movie diva. On the right photo she is posing like Pavlova in front of a Gothic church door, wearing a jeans jacket, jeans and sneakers.


We were mixing styles, changing places (s. photo above on the right: we were shooting in a courtyard of the nearby palace) and poses, enjoying the beautiful day and having a lot of fun. – At the end of the article my favorite photo (below): Viola, a modern girl, natural, with a kind of Gioconda smile.


Many thanks to Ballettschule Reinisch for the ballet props.


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