New Recipe - Spring Salads


My husband and I are big salad-eaters. The funny thing is, that I always thought we eat more salad on warm days in summer than in winter. I know now why I thought this, because we are then only eating salad and nothing else. When it is cold we are taking the same quantity, but as a primer or as a side dish. Two days ago we had most delicious patties with loads of vegetables in and a huge bowl salad. It was so huge that four or five persons would have got enough. What an illusion! This (s. photo above) is what remained Рa snack like quantity for two children. Nevertheless is it enough to illustrate what was in.

  • Ingredients (individual quantities “As You Like It”)

  • cooked green beans
  • radishes
  • finely cut cucumber pieces
  • cherry tomatoes
  • cooked sweet corn
  • avocado
  • lettuce or rocket leaves
  • onion, garlic cloves
  • basil, oregano
  • oil, balsamico
  • salt, pepper


Wash and cut radishes, cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce/rocket leaves. Peel and cut avocado, onion and garlic cloves. Cut green beans. Put in a bowl, add sweet corn, basil and oregano. Salt, pepper.

Pour your favorite oil over it (I took this time pumpkin seed oil – I know, that it is not the healthiest of all oils, but it tastes great) and balsamico. Mix, taste and add what you think is needed. Enjoy!


Find more delicious salad recipes on my blog, like the beetroot salad, the carrot-celeriac-salad or this or that or the salad with a sauce to die for. It is made of almond butter, Dijon mustard and oil and tastes like the best mayonnaise you have ever had. But it is plant based and therefor even healthy.


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