New Recipe – It is Chestnut Season!

Here again (there was very much to do) and with a very good reason. Even as I didn´t have birthday nor was there another jubilee I got two gifts: my dear friend EMMA who took the photos from me in Karl Reinisch´s ballet school sent some days ago an oven to roast chestnuts (it came surprisingly as a postal package) as she knows that I am addicted to chestnuts!!! Isn´t this lovely? – The oven is electric, such a good idea! No fire, but if you have one or buy one – be careful, anyway.


One or two days later my husband came home with a parcel he offered me and said: I had to buy this, I am sure you will love it. And so it was! He purchased the most beautiful flashed glasses with blue stripes. When he saw how much I loved them he immediately started searching more on Internet. These are water glasses and we also need wine and champagne glasses as we have very often guests. The sad thing: there are no others, so I decided to take all drinks at Christmas from these!

  • Roasted chestnuts

  • about 10 chestnuts per person (or more if you are addicted like me)
  • water

Cut the chestnuts with the special chestnut knife or with “chestnut scissors” – I started with the scissors, but I confess that the result is better when using the knife. Be careful, but it is not as dangerous as to cut vegetables on a mandolin.

Soak the chestnuts in water for about 15 minutes. Take out and dry with a towel. Put the chestnuts (not more than 500 g) into the pan and cover.

Plug and press the button (level II), you need not preheat the oven.

Let the chestnuts roast. After 10 minutes turn every piece with forks or spoons. Cover and roast for another 5 minutes. Take carefully out.


Enjoy with a glass of wine or cider and nuts – this is what the people in South Tyrol call “Törggelen”. And don´t forget to enjoy autumn!

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