Movies That Make Laugh

In London there is a Café where you can get best plant based vegan menus and Green Smoothies. If you take your breakfast there you will find a nice saying on the mugs: “Today is the best day!” In the case, it is not, some tips to make you laugh at to make the day at least a little bit better. – My husband and I laugh a lot when watching Rowan Atkinson´s mini series Black Adder, the series Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. Monty Python´s Life of Brian is a movie to cheer anyone up. Hearing the title song Always Look on the Bright Side of Life makes your day. By the way, Monty Python is always a good choice. My favourite is John Cleese and from him the BBC documentary In the Wild: Operation Lemur. So funny! John Cleese adores lemurs, he calls them “extremely gentle, well-mannered, pretty and yet great fun …” and finally adds, “I should have married one.”


We are always in good humour when watching sitcoms as Two and a Half Man (the original of course, with Charley Sheen), Friends, Dharma & Greg or My Family. – The German readers get an extra tip to watch cartoons and movies with and by Loriot (Vicco von Bülow). They are very amusing, but I fear his films are only available in German.

I am curious knowing what movies make you, dear reader, non-lasting laugh? Suggest anything you have in mind. Which are the most effective “first aid movies” that make the sad and the ill roll on the floor laughing?

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