"It Might not Feel like it now, but Warmer Temperatures Are almost upon Us"*

Generally I like winter – I like snow and the beautiful light on a snowscape -, but as many of you I would like to have it at least a little bit warmer. To get the idea how spring could be and will be soon I am reading articles about planting flowers, vegetables and fruits (red and blue and red and blue berries!!!). I liked this one very much, not only because there are beautiful photos but you will also find a clever way to reuse vintage enamels dish as plant pots.


This (s. photo above) is what we all have enormous lust for, it is only three months away. That (s. photo below) is even much nearer, only some weeks, and we will be strolling on plant markets and shows organized by Arche Noah, an institution where you can find, buy and trade many ancient varieties of vegetables and fruits. Or visit their beautiful parent house and garden in Schiltern, Lower Austria, with its plant and flower show in the beautiful garden of the Schiltern palace. Always a good idea to go there with family and friends.


If you are suffering from “winter phobia” go to the next nursery, greenery, garden centre or orangery and soak colors and perfumes there. Or visit a friend who owns a conservatory. Bring self made healthy cookies (this recipe is by 101 Cookbooks, a very inspiring blog, we have had the cookies often, they are delicious) or these goodies (by me) and you will be warmly received.


And then: we have to be thankful for snow and rain. The flowers, the fruits, the vegetables and the animals have needed it urgently. We haven´t had much rainfall in the last years. So many wells ran dry, and the farmers still had problems feeding the animals and watering the plants. Even the chill has its advantage for the forestry – the trees stay healthy and are not attacked and killed by bark-beetles.


Don´t forget: Easter is near!

*Inspired by this Architectural Digest´s article.


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