Interview with Holistic Therapist Birgit Glänzer

I am so happy and thankful that Birgit Glänzer who is holistic therapist in Lienz (you can find more about her here) has agreed to do this interview with me. Her cheerful disposition, her energy and the kind way she is speaking about patients and work makes you sure that she will lift anybody´s spirit.


Q: What does “being healthy” mean to you?

A: Being healthy means to me – being in balance! Being aware that I for myself can decide every day how I want to feel. Becoming aware who you are and to know your own mind. Women are, at the moment, more open to treat subjects like this … to find solutions … women bring awareness to their family, and so everyone profits by.

Q: Who comes to you and asks for help?

A: People of all ages come and see me in my practice asking for help concerning their physical or their mental condition or they only want to relax or feel good … I advice them to make “mental exercise” in the evening at home (easy meditation – exercise, s. below) or to run barefoot – to ground yourself!

Or during the day – give a smile away … it makes other people smile. Imagine to open the door of your heart and imagine to send the light of your heart to others!

Breathe consciously for 10 minutes (this seems a long time when doing it consciously!) and only concentrate on breathing … this is meditation.

Try to surround yourself with kind and amiable people. Laugh often … and as much as possible … laughter is the best medicine.

And sing … everybody can sing!!! … when taking a shower, when doing the housework, when driving your car … this is pure vibration for the soul!!!


Q: Please let us know more about your work.

A: Speaking about there is one very important question to answer: what does my patient need for his body, for his mind and for his soul to recover, to regain her / his balance? What could better inform me about than her / his body?

Q: Where do you find the information and how do you treat the patient?

A: I practice among other therapies kinesiology – with the help of a “muscle test” I can find out very quickly where there is an imbalance or a blockade. One uncovers inner tensions, stress patterns and can stabilize everything by balancing. The body itself knows best what it needs to heel.

Then there is Craniosacral Balance, a form of bodywork to manipulate the cranial bone, cerebral and spinal nerves and other anatomic structures. The therapist touches and lightly palpates the body, so that the patient can feel deep relaxation during the treatment sessions. Other energetic therapies I practice are Reiki, Holistic Pulsing, Thai Yoga, Lomi Lomi Nui, an ancient therapy practice to activate the powers of self-healing.

Many people are looking for holistic methods, it is necessary to take reasonable care of your own health and sometimes to ask for support from others.


Close your eyes and imagine you are standing under a wonderful waterfall.

You feel the clear water running down the body and the cleaning power of water …

Not only the body becomes clean, but also the soul …

and everything you made a habit of, patterns of life and stress is flowing away as a “dark coloured” liquid …

as long as the body in your imagination is clear and clean.

Breath deeply and open your eyes 😉

I liked this exercise very much. Thanks Birgit for the many helpful tips and exercises everyone can copy and practice at home.

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