Insight into Secret Rooms


If you order a jacket or a coat at Stajan´s, Renate Aldrian will probably be your first contact. She picks the phone, she answers the emails and she does the purchase order processing. Every single order gets its own sheet with the name of the client, the name of the model, the type of fabric(s), the colors, the size, the buttons and any extra. Especially now, some days after the last fair in Salzburg, there is a lot to be done.


On the photos above: checking the ready pieces before they are dispatched. On the left one can see through the doorway arch into one of the beautiful showrooms of the ladies boutique. On the photo below: a small part of one of my favorite rooms, a kind of heaven for ladies.


If you want to know how many pieces make one jacket, have a look onto the computer program that Brigitte Stajan has worked out (s. photos below). On the left: the pieces are lose on the screen, in the middle there is a rectangle which symbolizes the cloth width. Renate Aldrian drags and drops every piece into this rectangle as dense and as straight as possible, always following the thread (on the right).


Stajan´s business rooms are in this baroque building (on the photo below: seven windows and one door on the main front Sackstraße 22, another four windows direction Schlossbergplatz). It was erected at the end of the 17th century and served initially as post office. Empress Maria Theresia later installed there the Mint. In the first floor there are offices, store rooms, the tailoring room and four ladies showrooms, on the ground floor on the left are the mens´ showrooms.


Renate Aldrian wore her own Stajan jackets for the photo shooting. She prefers the classic style, particularly riding jackets in classic colors. Even as I am somebody who usually prefers muted colors for the clothes, think that the red jacket is the most exciting one. Red is always dynamic, passionate, it symbolizes power and courage and it is anyway demanding attention. Don´t you think?


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