“I Love Dancing Pas de Deux” (Interview with Sascha Paar, Part II)

Before continuing the interview: congratulations to Sascha Paar who was dancing last Saturday a solo part in Shakespeare´s Midsummer Night´s Dream in Chemnitz, music Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, choreography by Reiner Feistel (s. photo below, Sascha on the left)!


Q: When did you start training? And what happened then? What do you love best when training? How much ballet is there in your private life?

A: Everything started with a first amateur class. When Karl Reinisch told me that I was talented I took many hours class per week. I was training with 6 years old girls, I was training with teenagers and with 50 years old ladies. I always tried to keep something from the lesson. Not only what ballet concerns but also in regard to the persons who where there with me in class. The flood of happiness of some of the ladies when training ballet has always inspired me.


© Constantin Kupfer

Two years later I took ballet classes in Vienna, to be able to compete with others and to find out what I have to work out. At the beginning this was very difficult. In Karl Reinisch´s ballet school I was the only boy, in Vienna there were many and they were very good. In the first four years I was fanatically training and always when it was possible in a ballet class. When I was not in the ballet school I was stretching at home or watched movies with and about dancers. This was a very interesting, but also a very hard time, as I had to be self confident. – I love rehearsing Pas de deux (on the photos below training with Viola Stingl). To work with somebody on the repertoire and to adapt oneself to the partner, this is the most beautiful! To feel her and to share the ballet with her, is really the most beautiful for me.


Q: You were once in Russia in an audition at the famous Vaganova Ballet Academy?

A: Yes, I was there (s. the photo below on the left). This is really a very good ballet academy. But, when I was there and was taken I felt not yet ready to leave Graz … being alone in Russia without anybody advising me. In short, I didn´t want to leave Karl Reinisch as I felt I hadn´t learned everything I needed. Besides, I am very free thinking, too much for this strict ballet school what would have made everything much more difficult. My heart and my mind weren´t yet prepared to leave.


To be continued …

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