How to Get Healthy and Good-Humoured through the Cold Season

Since writing articles for the blog I have always tried to find solutions for those who need help. Be it the ill, the unhappy, the weather sensitive. Though I am almost always good humoured there were and there are in my life bad and sad days too. This is normal, this is life. It is very good to know that you can make your life easier with healthy food. When eating plant-based – taking smoothies and salad and vegetables – you will soon realise that you become equalised, good humoured and will no more suffer from depressions. This has many reasons, a very important is that ready meals e.g. can cause depression (more about here) because of their synthetic and toxic ingredients.


Now that I am old and wise and I have been eating healthy for many years I can confirm what a positive impact this has. The effect came almost at once, very soon after I had started the healthy lifestyle and eating plant-based – particularly fruits, salads, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds. I was never grummy nor low-spirited even if the weather was bad or there were obstacles to overcome.


Tip number 1: take green and red and yellow smoothies! You get the biggest quantity of raw fruits, vegetables, nut butters, coconut milk you never would or could eat. And it tastes better than every drink you have ever had (recipes here, here and here).


Tip number 2: laugh as much as you can! To learn more about read this (it is about movies and TV series that make everybody laugh) and here with a “code of practice” by doctor Gisela Heldt …


Tip number 3: Enjoy your day (read this article for understanding how your body works ) – take a walk, run, ride, go skiing, meet a friend or two, listen to music, visit a theatre, a museum, an exhibition or the next flower shop. So many colours there! Read a good book, watch a romantic movie. Here are my always working favourites.


Make your grey and cold winter days colorful and bright and as beautiful as possible! Any other tips?

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