Living Healthy and Elegant Has Nothing to Do with an Expensive Lifestyle

“Only living” – I wouldn´t say vegetating or letting life pass by – means for me living a life lack of motivation and lack of happiness. Living healthy and elegant (not in the sense of an expensive lifestyle – being elegant has nothing to do with spending much money) boosts up your life. Make it your aim to improve your quality of life. Reaching this target it is very helpful to plan and to organize your life. It is half the way to the finish line. The best tip: make to-do- and shopping lists, either on your smart phone, in your calendar or on a sheet of paper you keep in the pocket of your trousers or in your handbag.


You can get many tips for a healthier and better lifestyle in the books of South Californian Jennifer L. Scott who spent as a student some months in Paris. The lecture is not only very helpful but much fun! There are even tips for the daily shopping. Madame Chic, the “lady host mother”, proposes to do it “as Exercise … she only purchased what she would need for that day (and visited) speciality shops … instead of going to one giant supermarché because the quality of goods she got at the speciality shops was superior to what one would find in a supermarket, and she got more exercise by going to more than one shop … One day … I (the author) accompanied Madame Chic on her daily shopping trip. It was a very cold morning with shockingly brisk breeze … She toted along her compact shopping cart … and with expert adroitness zigzagged into each shop with me following one step behind … I can´t even remember what we purchased this day, I was so cold and exhausted … I couldn´t believe that Madame Chic did this almost every day. Back in California I would hop in my car once a week, do one giant shop at the grocery store, and feel slightly put out that I even had to haul the bags from the car to my front door … When I mentioned these observations to Madame Chic, she laughed. ´It´s good to get fresh air, Jennifer – one mustn´t be lazy!´” (Lessons from Madame Chic, 29ff)

You know what I mean: try to do like Madame Chic! She enjoys shopping for fresh food and looks at these daily excursions as incorporating exercise into her life. Motivate yourself to do anything you do enjoying it – either your work, the shopping or preparing a meal. It seems to be always the same tip: enjoy everything your are doing! I cannot stop repeating this.


Prepare a lunch or a dinner with your family or friends for the next weekend. My tips for a 3 course meal.





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