"Gartenlust*" at Neuschloss in the South of Graz


Schloss Neuschloss is a beautiful palace in the South of Graz. One can see it from the highway, if you are there you wouldn´t think that traffic is near. You hear the birds chirping, you are watching the castle and of course the flower show with the many tents where one can buy plants and garden furniture and you feel as if you were in undisturbed nature.


Favorites of mine: Bougainvilleas and Callas (s. photos above), the latter in many different colors. Until then I only knew white ones. – By the way, the weather was much nicer than it seems on the photos. It had rained the days before, but it was warm and sometimes even sunny.


The palace from the other side. I loved the piles with vases in the middle. This must have been the main entrance. When one arrived with the coach they must have entered by this elegant portal which dates like the walls from the original building phase.


In the inner court there were also tents, and both of us (I was there with my husband) met people we knew – my husband a former tenant and I a near friend from relatives. The first produces stone benches, the latter the most beautiful baby dresses (and yes, I bought the elegant beach ensemble for a one month old baby) in the shop.


Another flower shop with most beautiful plants (s. photo above, I liked the colors!) and two last impressions from the castle. It was built in the 17th and 18th century and was then owned by a branch of the Counts Dietrichstein, a wealthy family with roots in Carinthia where they had a huge fortress. Since the early 19th century Neuschloss has been owned by the Counts des Enffans d´Avernas who are still living there.


*Gartenlust is something like wanderlust, the lust of gardening.

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