Frauenberg* is Well Worth a Mass


Since many years I have had the idea to go back to Frauenberg, a beautiful place on a hill near Stift Admont, to where it belongs, and with a long tradition for pilgrimage. When you enter the church you have this view (s. photo above) to the mighty high altar with the sculpture of the Mother of God and many angels surrounding her.

DSC_6950_bearbeitet-2 DSC_6954_bearbeitet-1

Photos above: the high altar´s upper part and the middle part with the Madonna in golden rays of light, both filling the wall in the west of the church. Above there is the long vault, richly decorated with flowers, plants, leaves and figural stucchi by Giovanni Battista Carlone (1690-1695), adding a festive frame to the wall paintings which show scenes of the life of the Mother of God.


More details (s. photo above and below), views into the vault and onto a side wall, where one can see the many different stucchi – putti, festoons, covings, capitals and several different shaped leaves and branches – covering most parts of the walls and framing the paintings.


Totally different to the interior the church´s and parsonage´s facade at one side (s. photo below) which looks much more severe and is less decorated than the church´s interior. The supposed frames are painted. You will not be astonished to learn that the oriel with four windows belonged to the abbot´s apartment, particularly to a representative hall.


Unfortunately it was overcast and rainy the day when I took the photos, but nevertheless one can get the the idea of how mighty and impressive the whole building is. This (s. photo below) is the same building on a lovely spring day, and you can see how the colors can look like. Anyhow, go there come rain or shine, Stift Admont is near with its many exhibitions and its nice restaurant. And another little jewel you will hear soon about …


© Stift Admont

*Frauenberg bei Admont

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