Easter Bunnies Everywhere … It is a Very Busy Time

The blog takes an Easter pause and will be back on Thursday, 31st March, with an article about the special diet and … anti-aging! – Very busy in the moment, so many Easter Bunnies to watch, so many things to organize. Easter is my favourite feast, I love it much more than Christmas. It is the time when leaves and blossoms are appearing on the trees, the meadows start flourishing, the birds are singing, laughing and twittering. And all the salads I prepare look like Easter nests …


What the photo´s object (s. below) concerns: who can guess what it is …? It is hares droppings. I´ve always got the idea that the Italian chocolate producer who invented “Noggi Eggs” was inspired by these. It looks so nice, so chocolaty, so nugaty, so neat (grown up hares are vegans!), there is nothing unappetising in it. And it makes a beautiful Easter nest. – Have a beautiful time with family and friends! God bless.


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