Diet Failures and New Year´s Resolution – Part II (by doctor Gisela Heldt)

You remember, about a month ago we were speaking about vegan processed food. Many people are very content that they must not abstain from usual (processed) food. Sausage, meat and cheese can be replaced by vegan ingredients and look and taste almost like the “originals”. These products contain seitan. Seitan is made up of gluten, a protein in wheat. New wheat breeding contains up to 50 % gluten, so flour can be better processed. Bakers add usually another quantity of gluten to get a “much better” product. Gluten can chemically bond water, a raw material that is still much cheaper than any cereal.


Feel light as a feather and able to fly

The high quantity of gluten can cause celiac even if the one who eats the product never suffered from it. After having had bread made of wheat some feel overeaten and bloated. Modern wheat can increase the level of blood sugar – more rapid and stronger than ancient wheat varieties as it contains more starch = sugar (glucose). The natural regulation of blood sugar – increase and reduction – declines when eating much sugar, not only the sugar in coffee or in sweets, but also “hidden sugar” in products that contain wheat. The cells stop reacting to insulin. This can cause fat metabolism disorder, more fat (taken with food) is being stored in the body. It is contradictory: somebody chose eating vegan to lose weight, takes the substitutes made of wheat and puts on weight. But the one has forgotten a very important thing when she or he is going on a vegan diet: processed food doesn´t contain neither vitamins nor minerals. Only those who cook with fresh food get fresh food on the plate (and in their stomachs afterwards).

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Conclusion: only giving up eating meat or choosing an unbalanced vegan diet doesn´t mean eating natural or healthy food. So think of what Hippokrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Stop making a New Year´s resolution but try to eat and to drink healthy all the year, not only to lose weight for the next party that the cocktail dress or the ball gown will fit. In addition to having healthy food it is very important to exercise (in the gym and / or in nature), to work on the inner balance and to try to laugh as often as possible.


You can´t go wrong following our tips. Every recipe on the blog suits to this diet – every meal and every drink is fresh and healthy, plant-based, starch free and free of soy products. To find your inner balance read Birgit Glänzer´s tips I like very much. And what the exercise concerns: I am doing exercise one hour per day and I feel very fit. Soon I will reveal the secret concerning what kind of exercise I am doing every day. Stay tuned …



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