Did I ever Mention that I Love Baroque Buildings?


As I am coming from Vienna where there are so many baroque churches and palaces (which I have loved since my early childhood), I have always been very disappointed being in regions where there were none. Luckily there are a lot of baroque buildings in Styria, where I am living now, so I have the joy to discover one after the other. The South of Styria is one of my favorite hunting grounds. You find almost in every built-up area something amazing baroque.


Last time I was in the park of the so called Retzhof, a former noble palace, where one family after the other took their turns. The palace, which was a fortress in the middle age, got its structure/its today´s look in the 17th century. The loggia with piles and triangular shaped gable (s. photo above) dates from the early 19th century.

IMG_3524_bearbeitet-1 DSC_0750_bearbeitet-2

The best thing is that in our days you have easily access as there are several events, concerts, readings, seminars and most creative workshops. One of the next is a wood crafting workshop where you learn how to make utensils for the kitchen, there are others where you can start studying sculpting and painting still-life. Get their program here. Or go there and inspire yourself. It is truly worth.


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