Children and Culture – An Experience at Stift Admont


Some weeks ago I was discussing with Barbara Eisner-B (she is the PR Lady at Stift Admont) if it was possible to organise a photo shooting with children in several exhibition rooms. I wanted to know how they would react when being confronted with different artworks. Barbara Eisner-B was not only enthusiastic about the idea but managed it within in barely no time. When I came to Admont last week there were four lovely children, three girls – Laetitia, Marlen and Julia – and one boy. Raffael, 5, is the youngest, the three girls are two years older.


There are several exhibitions, amazing rooms like the late baroque library where we were guided by Dr Karin Schamberger (s. photo above, opening a secret door on the right). She is not only librarian and scientific officer but also a mother, so the children got the most exciting tour. It was a big joy to see them listening, watching and experiencing.


After we had seen many rooms and artworks I took the children to the garden where we had a healthy picnic. I cut the fruits and asked the girls to help me decorating. They did a wonderful job and posed afterwards for a photo, very patiently. Then they took their little snack and I was very astonished as they were much more interested in taking the fruits than the sweets – healthy and organic of course. They surely were thirsty (I remember I was and I am still always thirsty), grabbed grapes, mango and melon pieces first and took even a tomato dip with dehydrated carrot crackers and fresh tomatoes.


It was very satisfactory to see them enjoying the healthy snack (s. photo below – Laetitia, Marlen, Raffael and Julia, f.l.t.r.). Children love fruits and vegetables – you only have to offer them and to ask them to help you preparing the meal. To be continued …


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