Beautiful Jackets Are Good Ideas for Your Christmas Wish List


Red or blue? What are your favorite clothing colors? Mine are red and blue. Most of my Stajan jackets are these colors. What the label´s style concerns, I like it very much, I love it: the cuts of the jackets and coats are inspired by old uniforms. This is why everything fits like a glove. An officer´s glove of course.

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Brigitte Stajan designed this costume for me some years ago (s. photo above). I wore it at a family reception and was very admired for (by the ladies!, I am not sure if men realise what women wear). My husband loves the Stajan jackets and sends me often to the boutique to buy a new one, but he could never tell me what a lady wore at a meeting. Maybe it is because she didn´t wear a jacket from Stajan´s.


The jacket on the photo above, Viola is wearing, is on my Christmas wish list, even as I have never had anything in purple. By the way, blue and red is purple. I love the cut, the length, the material, the Napoleon collar, the different colors, the style and can imagine that it will be a perfect match for trousers and long skirts.


In the last years Stajan Couture has started editing modern country style clothing too (more about in another article). The cape on the photo above is one of these. Viola wore the beautiful red jacket under it. And I, who has to decide what to put onto the wish list, is not sure if it will be the jacket or the cape … Which would you suggest?

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