At the Hairdresser´s – Unfortunate Circumstances and Disasters

It is very enriching to discuss with Stefanie (she is bestselling author and journalist) fashion, hairstyles and sittings at the hairdresser´s. We have shared many stories as both of us have undergone numerous disasters. What my biography concerns: the hair(dresser) disasters predominate. – Last summer I read one of the funniest stories about on Stefanie´s Facebook-Account. I publish it below to everyone´s pleasure.


Stefanie´s 60s hairstyle

Hairstyle Stories in the Country (by Stefanie von Wietersheim)

Today is the first ball in the life of my daughter. Quite a big day. So I went to my village hairdresser to have a blow-dry. 60s style, matching my dress. Il love a professional blow-dry, it has always been my thing. My Polish hairdresser loves hairspray. She believes in rock-hard security. I love what the French call “mouvement”. Today I lost the hairspray discussion, she put three different products on my hair, on and on, everyone around started coughing, but she had no mercy. “Has to stay!”, she said. And added, “No shower, so sun hat, no Siesta!” When I wanted to put my sunglasses on, she screamed: “No! You will destroy the sides!” I told her that I could not drive home, half-blind as I am. She just commented: “Call husband!” Well. Even if am married the most wonderful gentleman, I was not sure if a hairspray crisis at 8.45 am would be relevant to him after an exhausting week at work. So I went out without the glasses and finally put them quickly on in the car. When I came home, my son whistled, touched my hair on all sides and said: “It feels like the burnt cheese on Grandma´s pasta gratin.” That was exactly the look I was aiming for. Burnt gratin. Children do keep you on the ground. Have a nice Saturday. With or without a Polish hairstyle.


Stefanie´s classic hairstyle

I remember having laughed my head off when I read Stefanie´s story. So it is really not easy to carry on. I will try even if mine doesn´t start as funny as hers. Since I was a little girl my mother has been saying to me, “How awful your hair is. So few, so thin and so straight.” I didn´t care about but had to undergo hundreds of treatments as a child and as a teenager with the effect that my hair always looked a mess afterwards. It was the time when I started to hate hairdressers.


My favorite hair color, near to the original (Photo Doris Mitterer)

When I was about thirty years my hair became grey and my mother said, “This looks awful. Go and have your hair coloured!” It took a while until I had the heart to do it. Since then my hair has had many different colors. Not because I wanted it, but every single hairdresser persuaded me to have a special tone. Two years ago I found a hairdresser using organic plant based products. Even if I trusted her or wanted to trust her, I never was content afterwards. The last time the color of my hair was so awful – dark and red (it used to be blond) – that I decided to colour my hair myself* hereafter. When I was back in the street there were many people trying to keep their eyes shut when seeing me: they feared being blinded.

*Thanks to Stefanie who shares at times what she is actually reading I was inspired to buy Dita von Teese´s title Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour. She makes her hair herself!!!

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