An Enchanting Photo Shoot with Viola for Stajan


Tuesday morning we found this scenery for the beautiful ensemble in creme. I had something like the Weißes Rössl (The White Horse) in mind, an operetta by Ralph Benatzky (actually on the Lehàr Festival program in Bad Ischl). So the garden of the Alte Münze-Restaurant in Graz was more than perfect. Love the matching table cloths.


What about this beautiful ensemble? – same long dress and another, more classical summer jacket. Wouldn´t it perfectly suit for the summer theatre festival in Reichenau an der Rax? Everything reminds me of a piece by Arthur Schnitzler … how shy Viola is looking, the typical well brought up young lady in one of his dramas.


Only some minutes later I got this smile, that of a typical strong woman in one of Carlo Goldoni´s comedies. Even as Viola is a graduated ballet dancer, I feel more and more that her future could be the theatre. Mirandolina would be something most suitable for her.


My first idea concerning this elegant jacket and Viola´s self content smile: Countess Gabriele von Zedlau in Wiener Blut, an operetta with music by Johann Strauß (not really composed by him, but later arranged by using compositions by him).


Last but not least, and not to be forgotten: this is how Viola´s beautiful hairdressing (and the Stajan linen jacket) looked from behind.

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