Medici&More: Lifestyle, Art and Fashion

When I started the blog in 2015, it was almost everything about healthy eating and healthy living. I had been studying nutritionist (I graduated 2017) and a friend of mine was a going through chemotherapy. So I tried to find the best accompanying natural therapies and the best diet for her. By the way, a healthy lifestyle which includes a plant based diet is essential for everyone – be it the sick, be it the people who are recovering or those who are healthy (more about the diet here, recipes are on the menu bar). Everybody can start it at any time, and by the way, it has enormous ANTI AGING effects … During my studies I found out that a healthy lifestyle is more but eating and living healthy. It is being fond of many things, and so I started to write articles about things I am fond of: it is art (I love 18th century architecture), ballet and fashion. And I found out that that you, dear readers, love it too.

Stift Admont and the Monastery Herb Garden

Stift Admont and the Monastery Garden – a herb and vegetable heaven

Anyway, I have always been interested in medicine and in art and in fashion. When I started studying, there were many who took up Medical Studies. So I chose Literature and History of Arts and graduated as doctor phil. Since always I have tried to keep my body fit (I train ballet every day for one hour) and have been healthy cooking for a very long time – plant based, vegan, starch free and free of soy products as it is said to be the healthiest diet. Eating plant based and vegan prevents cardiac and circulatory troubles as well as cancer and – it is anti-aging and keeps you fit and healthy.


Beyond that I have always, always, always been looking on the bright side of life. I will try to inspire you and to influence you with my humor and to divert those who are sad or ill. And I will also try to make everyone know how to cook deliciously healthy meals.

Sincerely,         Gabriele Liechtenstein, Medici &More   (Facebook)

PS.: Forgot to tell you why the blog is called MEDICI & MORE. It is a play on words. Firstly, it is the name of the famous family from Tuscany, who had ruled Florence and Tuscany for three centuries and who were known for their taste and for their lifestyle. The Dukes Cosimo il Vecchio, Lorenzo Magnifico (on the portrait on the very top), Catherina and Maria are the most known family members. The two ladies became Queens of France by marriage.

Secondly, the Italian word MEDICI means “medical scientists” or “doctors in medicine”.