A Very Good Match: Medici&More and Fashion


A fashion shooting is something I always wanted to make. Ballerina-model Viola and I had the honor and the pleasure to do this for Stajan Art & Fashion, one of my favorite labels. They produce the most beautiful and most elegant jackets that go with everything. You can wear them always and everywhere – be it at a dinner party, a theater premiere or a formal reception.


The ensemble on the photo above could become Viola´s signature look – not only that her name has a lot to do with this color, the costume is perfect when going to the ballet training (it astonishes me that I have never seen it arranged like this at Stajan´s, by now you can of course get every jacket with tutu* to match 😉 )


Light blue and absolutely gorgeous! When I saw the jacket on the photo above, it suddenly became a favorite of mine. It is perfect wearing it for a business meeting, a ladies afternoon tea or your best friend´s birthday party. The very kind lady who designs the unique jackets is Brigitte Stajan (photo below in Stajan Couture), hundred percent committed to the mission to produce the most beautiful jackets.


She is a master of art craft. She drafts, designs, cuts, develops preliminary models, sews, knits and is also seen at her computer. The coat on the photo below is one of her genius designs, well tailored to serve as jacket, coat or even as a showy dress. To get this look Brigitte Stajan paints the fabric which is afterwards stitched!

DSC_5702_bearbeitet-1       DSC_5701_bearbeitet-1

Very beautiful too is the showroom in the City of Graz, at the foot of the Schlossberg, the town´s landmark. There are hundreds of models, and it takes its time to try only the favorites on. One could spend an afternoon there. The models in this article show only a small percentage of all. There will soon be seen much more of Stajan Art & Fashion on the blog. To be continued …


*Thanks to Ballettschule Reinisch for borrowing the tutu.

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