A Romantic Story about a Proposal and one White Shoe


Thérèse, a sought-after expert for baroque art, spends some days in Rome. She has meetings here and there as everybody is keen being advised by her. Waiting for her friend Ginevra on the terrace of one of the most beautiful hotels* she takes a drink and enjoys the view. Rome is the city she loves most. Many will agree that it is one of the most beautiful and most liked cities but in the case of Thérèse there might be a little something that makes Rome much more attractive. Vittorio, her fiancé or fidanzato as the Italians say, is from Rome. Unluckily he is not there but she will see him soon back home in Paris.


Until then there are some appointments, presentations and other activities to undergo. Thérèse´s next stop is Padova (Padua) where friends – by the way they are Vittorio´s relatives – are organising a charity on behalf of the beautiful Anfiteatro di Anatomia in Padova´s old university building. There will be a dinner. She has brought a dream of an evening gown and beautiful shoes from Les Chaussons de la Belle that will make her appearance much more elegant, even queenly.


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Paris is waiting where Vittorio expects Thérèse in some days. There is still one meeting on her way home. A., a very good friend of Vittorio, owner of the Chatêau de Baronville, asks her advice as art expert. In the afternoon there is time enough to take a walk in the beautiful park.


A. welcomes Thérèse with a parcel in his hands “Vittorio sent this … it is for you”. She opens it, finds a handwritten letter and one shoe. “Therese darling, my beloved one! Hope you are having a nice time with our friend. How would I like to be there with you! I have so many things to say and … to ask … – Sorry, darling, you know I am not the most romantic man, kneeling in front of you and asking you to marry me. Could you please fix a date next May at the Châteaux de Baronville for our wedding? I swear you will get the other shoe then …”


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