A Paradise Found and 3 Tips to Relieve Stress



If you have a stressful whatsoever job you should find a paradise to be able escape there for at least some days. My husband and I found this paradisiac place, not too far from us, a romantic, idyllic and adventurous looking landscape. Starring is the Grimming, a majestic, impressing and fearsome mountain of 2351 m altitude, whose name evokes in English and in German that it (sometimes) is grim as can be seen on the photo below far right.

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Walk in the winter wonderland, take a sleigh ride, go skiing or cross-country skiing, portray the landscape in watercolors, rest on a deck-chair on a sunny terrace, let the rays of sunlight caress you and breathe. Visit an old village (like Pürgg on the photos above) or a castle, a museum and an old church. Enter, pause for a moment and pray, which is one of the most intensive kinds of meditation.



It has become time to disclose the secret of the found paradise. In the most beautiful landscape there is Schloss Pichlarn, a former hunting castle that belonged to the Counts Lamberg. It is now … not only to be visited, you even can stay there for some days. The castle has become a luxury hotel with wellness facilities, swimming pools, golf course and an inviting restaurant, the so called Restaurant Zirbe. Zirbe means stone pine, a tree which has been valued in Austria for centuries. You will not be astonished to hear that the restaurant got its name from the wall panels made of stone pine, which is said to have positive effects on stress and the ability to recover.


Isn´t this a perfect place (the interior of the church of Pürgg) to pray and to meditate? When I was a child I always thought that every light beam was send by Godfather who hid himself behind the clouds. Maybe this ray was a little godsend. Couldn´t be more delicate.

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