12. November 2015 ⋅ Healthy Living, Recipes DSC_0942_bearbeitet-1

New Recipe – Kathi´s (Kat´s) Green Smoothie

How and where and when to get and to drink Green Smoothies

7. November 2015 ⋅ Therapy DSC_0227_bearbeitet-1

Tips for Living Together with Someone who Suffers from a Chronic Illness – Interview with doctor Gisela Heldt

Dealing with the illness and with emotional aspects

2. November 2015 ⋅ Healthy Living, Recipes DSC_0915_bearbeitet-1

New Recipe – “Haarweibchen” (Cucumber Jelly) from Harald Irka´s Cookbook Terroir

… and some tips how to make traditional recipes vegan and starch free