11 Snapshots from the Squirrel Feeding Ground

As you will already know, my husband and I are big squirrel fans. Since we have activated some weeks ago two new camera traps near to the bird and squirrel feeding ground, we have got many pictures from birds, squirrels and many other wild animals. Concerning the squirrels, it started with this dark and even a little bit red one who was enjoying himself alone on and in the cage, a little philosopher.

IMG_0005-9_bearbeitet-2 IMG_0013-8_bearbeitet-2

The most important reason why we have installed two new cameras was that we have become more and more insecure if there were still red squirrels near us. When we saw one passing by, it was almost always a black one. But there are many red squirrels as we know now. Maybe the red ones are much shyer. The camera trap caught them all. No, not only the camera trap: the two portraits of a sweet red squirrel (below) were taken by my husband with his camera.


My husband is feeding the squirrels daily, very early in the morning. There are two stations for them – a container on a trunk, filled with nuts in nutshells. The squirrels love to take them in the very minute after my husband has left the place. Cracking the nutshells boosts their teeth and jaws. On the ground there is a plate with seeds and nuts which is enormously popular.


A badger family taking a dinner in the night on the photo above (during night time the photos are black and white). They put the cage from the plate to get the rest of the meal. But there are also seen deer, martens, raccoon dogs and mice, any of them savoring seeds and nuts.

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If you want to know if the squirrels get enough food please have a look on the photos above – they look like sweet little fat mice. They are so amusing. It is so diverting to watch them taking nuts and seeds. They are also acrobats, little clochards (when they churn up the container), climbers, far distance jumpers and look so human. This may be the reason why we love them so much.

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A last secret about squirrels and every wild animal: it is said that they speak in the Holy Night by midnight. Feed them, be quiet and listen!

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