You Love Animals? So why don´t you wear vegan clothes and shoes?

As I have been animal welfare campaigner and vegan/vegetarian since many years, I once realized that it was not only the plant-based food that helped the animals to survive. There is much more in everyday life that must be reconsidered. It was a logical step for me, about ten years ago, to replace leather with vegan leather and to start buying vegan shoes and vegan bags. This was not easy at that time, as shoes and boots had to be ugly when vegan. Meanwhile things have changed, and there are many companies to produce the most beautiful shoes.


What about evening gowns and shirts? Is it necessary to wear silk ones when “faux silk” has become so smooth and shiny and resembles the real thing that one cannot distinguish it from the other. With the new material(s) young designers have come with new ideas, and sometimes it seems that they are reinventing our clothes. In a very positive way. Look at the dresses (s. photos below and above): don´t you think you would stand in the limelight when wearing one of these? For myself I am quite sure, that I must have the cream dress on the far right (photos below) by Tiziano Guardini.

IMG_1517_bearbeitet-2 DSC_1968_bearbeitet-1 IMG_1516_bearbeitet-1

How does vegan silk look like? Will everybody see that I have bought faux silk? – First of all, form your own view and have a look on it. On the photo below on the right you can see a small piece of embroidered vegan yellow silk by a company where Stella McCartney purchases fabrics. Doesn´t it look as if it was real silk? Isn´t it beautiful? As beautiful as the two butterflies taking a snack on thyme buds. No caterpillar (baby butterfly) must be killed to make this piece of silk.


If you are interested in learning more about vegan fabrics, vegan silk and vegan leather (meantime it has become natural and it decomposes) please read the Eluxe-Magazine. You will find the most beautiful and most luxurious solutions for every single piece you need. One of my favorite clothes is the little black dress (s. photo below), as black is generally my favorite color for (festive) evening attire.


I love my vegan shoes, not only as they are really beautiful, but I also get many compliments for them. Never ever in my life I have forgotten to mention that my shoes are vegan. You will not believe how my friends looked astonished, more: gawped at me and my shoes, and wouldn´t believe that they were vegan. To deliver insight into the vegan shoes and vegan handbags topic (most of the companies produce shoes and handbags) find some brands and websites at the very bottom. By the way the high heel beauties in black and beige (photos below) are by Sergio Rossi, a traditional shoemaker who has begun a collaboration with a vegan leather producer.

IMG_1523  IMG_1522_bearbeitet-1  IMG_1521_bearbeitet-1

Noah-Shoes produced the ballerinas (photo above left) Audrey Hepburn would have loved. At Matt & Nat´s you get everything from classic loafers to sneakers and heels, but the thing what they are really famous for are their handbags! Not forgetting to mention Nemanti and Beyond Skin. Search and find other vegan shoe producers and please share your experience with us!

@Photos: 1, 6 and 7 Eluxe-Magazine, 2 and 4 Tiziano Guardini, 8 Noah Shoes, 9 and 10 Sergio Rossi.

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