Viola´s Tips: How to Live like a Ballerina

I can imagine that many (female) readers would like to know what the daily life secrets of a ballerina are (beyond the fact of being a ballerina). I was wondering too, so I asked Viola who is training in the same ballet studio as I am (here) what she is doing to keep her body fit when she is not in the ballet school but at home.


A: At home I am daily training my balance on a balance board (s. photo above) and I am doing many strengthening exercises, particularly for the feet and ankle joints. To train the pirouettes I am working with a turning board and I do a lot of stretching with different types of thera-bands to improve my flexibility. This is very important.

Q: How is your daily routine? Regular? Are regularly sleeping? Are you doing workouts in a fitness studio?


A: I would call my daily routine regular. The time when I can sleep depends on my training classes, sometimes they are in the morning*, sometimes in the evening. I need not train at a fitness studio as I have everything at home I need for my training and I can do my workouts there.

Q: Are there things you have to resign? To perform another sport? Eating too much? Eating the wrong things?


A: I never go skiing and avoid to perform a sport where there is a big risk of injury. I often abstain from sweets and try to avoid eating unhealthy food.

Q: What is your favorite healthy food/meal? 

A: I like to drink smoothies very much. It is the best way to get many vitamins in one drink. My favorite smoothie I prepare at home contains pears, carrots, ginger, pineapple, mango, spinach, chia seeds, linseed oil and water. – Medici&More: Our favorite smoothie is almost the same. We only take apples instead of pears.


© Stefan Robitsch

*Viola Stingl is what a ballerina has to be: slim, very good looking and also very disciplined! When I took the photos from her during class, it was early morning and she suffered from a bad stomach flu. She did the 90 minutes training without pause. – Some months ago she also started modeling (s. photo in the little black dress).


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