Ursula (62) about Ballet: I Love the Training, Love The Music and Love the Challenge

Some of you will perhaps know that I love ballet. I started late, I was 16, and trained until I was 20 six to eight hours per week in a private ballet school. I stopped when there were two tests on the same day at the same time, the big Latinum test at the Vienna University and the year-end ballet test at the Konservatorium to move up into the first grade. I did the Latin test and restarted ballet some centuries later, being once “severely examined” by Karl Reinisch who owns a ballet school in Graz (interviews and photo stories herehere and here).


Ursula, far right in the foreground

Ursula, 62, a glowing bundle of energy and fitness is one of Karl Reinisch´s élèves. She attends a weekly class together with ladies of all age and different levels. I am deeply thankful that they all allowed me to take photos of them. – Ursula started with ballet even later than me: she was 29 when she decided to train something where there is not only exercise but also music (by the way – she is also singer and works with the famous Grazer Domchor, directed by DKM Josef Doeller).


One of the things Ursula loves most in ballet is the challenge. You have to have your body under control. And you have to coordinate body and mind, you have to become balanced, and as a very nice side effect you strengthen your body and stretch the muscles.


Ursula has still tried different dance styles, like Afro, Hip Hop, Oriental and Modern Dance. She found out that she loves the Classic Dance most. By the way, she doesn´t only train ballet but is also teaching gymnastics and loves of course to integrate dance elements. I guess her pupils must be very happy with this glowing and inspiring teacher.


Classic Dance is fun!


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