The Former Monastery Church in Spital am Pyhrn in Rain, Snow and Sunshine


It was a funny thing when I started to write an article for the MWNF about the former Monastery Church in Spital am Pyhrn. It was winter and the article had of course to be illustrated. So I needed photos. As the last winter was one of the longest ever, taking photos was not so easy to carry out. When spring started slowly we often went to Spital am Pyhrn to look how the vegetation was going on. The photo above was a first with a green meadow and some flourishing trees around.


Only one week before it looked like this (s. photo above) – it was cloudy and ice cold, there was still much snow on the mountains and not the tiniest sign of a bud on trees and bushes. But it was wildly romantic. The truth is that I loved the atmosphere but was not sure if the readers would appreciate it too. Would be very interested knowing what you think about?


As you will know for sure, in dark and foggy winter it is even more challenging to take photos in buildings than outdoors. But sometimes miracles happen (think: it is a church we are speaking about), and suddenly there was light and there were sun rays illuminating parts of the interior. Since my childhood I always have reminded in such cases Christ´s words “I am the light of the world” and have been thinking him near to me.


Please read the whole article here and scroll down, down, down for all the photos. There are three special and illustrated features about the church´s facade and the square, the fresco painting behind the altar and the fresco paintings in the two (former) sacristies. – Immerse yourself in pure baroque!


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