Simple Body Chemistry

Let´s start with something you still know: when you are happy, when you love and when you laugh, your body reacts alkalizing. This helps you to stay healthy or to become healthy again. Even less than loving and laughing supports your health system. When you only enjoy anything – the weather, a promenade, the visit of a friend – your body becomes alkaline. And keeps you healthy.


Contrariwise, sadness and depression produce acid (you will probably remember this: Laughter is the Best Medicine). Lots of acid in your body are always a sign that there is a problem in form of an irritation or of an illness. The more acid, the bigger the problem. A person who suffers from an illness has always a bad acid value.

So what to do? Enjoy! … Enjoy everything! Nature, the beauty of an architecture, meeting people in the street. Take a walk, climb a hill, find a new promenade, explore the city park or the national park. Whatever the weather is – rain or shine.


People who spend many hours in nature, strengthen their immune system. Start now: leave your apartment and go outside. Enjoy nature! Enjoy everything!


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