School Starts Soon - Packable Lunch Ideas for Your Beloved Ones


When I was a schoolgirl I always envied everyone who had fruits (apples, tangerines, grapes, plums) and vegetables (pepper, tomatoes, carrots) in their lunch boxes, as I was always thirsty. We were not allowed to take bottles with juices, tea or water to school, so the one and only way to fight the thirst was taking fruits.

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So, what to pack into the lunch box for your children? Be generous with fruits, as I can imagine that not only I was thirsty in the heated classrooms. And what the sandwiches concerns, be fanciful! There is nothing you cannot combine when cooking with vegetables. Start with vegan butter (I prefer organic chia cocos), put some leafy greens on it, slices from cucumber, tomatoes, radishes, avocados. Add some seeds or nuts to have something to bite on.

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To inspire yourself search under the recipes of my blog for salads, dips, creams, crackers and bread. Lunch tastes absolutely delicious when served with self made bread or crackers. For more recipes click here*, this is one of my favorite magazines for sustainable and vegan lifestyle. One of their last articles was about 30+ Packable Vegan Lunch Ideas for Work or School.


That means that lunch ideas are not only for your children, but also for yourself. If you would prefer a salad, guacamole or another cream to take with you (and the bread in an extra bag), buy lunch boxes. It is worth every single penny, as you keep the freshness in your salad, and the bread will not get mushy. – Aren´t the fruits and salads on the photos extremely appetizing?


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