Make Physical Activity a Habit to Improve Your Health

There are many good reasons to practice physical activity. One of the best is that it releases happy chemicals into your brain. And you know: when you are happy your body becomes more alkaline, you are healthy or you become healthy again. Another good reason is that regular physical training makes you less stressed out. You guess what this means? Stress produces acid in your body, and acid in the body causes health problems. Practicing sport energizes you (even if you have worked for many hours), it eases anxiety, it fights insomnia and so on. There are so many pros, and you can benefit from it from the very first moment. Sports activity is recommended by doctors in the whole world because it improves fitness and reduces cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. People who are fit stay longer healthy than people sitting in front of the computer all day and sitting in front of the TV all night.


You need not start jogging – start walking. And you need not wait for the next weekend to start anything. Walk some bus or tube stations on the way to your work. And walk some bus or tube stations on the way home. Go shopping – I mean go! – don´t take the bus, the tube or your car, only the bike is allowed. Doctor Heldt´s tip: Take a promenade as often as you can and increase the walking speed every 15 minutes for 5 minutes.

In one of the next articles I will tell you what I do for my fitness – one hour a day (every day): it makes me strong and confident and happy and keeps me healthy and fit.





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