The Health Bringing Diet

Eating Vegan, Plant Based, Starch Free and Free of Soy Products

Where to begin writing about healthy living and a healthy diet, and both should be enjoyed? Not too difficult. Let´s start to speak about some basics that make the Health Bringing Diet understandable and easy to follow. Don´t worry, doing it will become easier from day to day … and there will be much fun on the blog! … promised! … very soon!


Vegan = diet similar to that of vegetarians, but totally free of animal products (no meat, no eggs, no milk, no dairy products, no honey)

Plant Based = the very best diet, prefer vegetables, leafy greens, salads and fruits to other edibles, the fresher the plants are, the healthier will you become

Starch Free = starch, refined sugar and refined flour (wheat is the worst) are carbohydrates to avoid, as well as products that contain starch like bread and pasta; you may use other flours like that of buckwheat, amaranth, chickpea, chestnut; sometimes, very seldom, you may use spelt flour and products made of 100 % spelt and 100 % organic and best quality

Free of Soy Products = avoid using soy products like tofu, soy beans, soy flour, soy milk, soy yoghurt, soy cream, miso, tamari, Worcestershire Sauce. Soy beans and soy products can cause cancer!

What the hell can I eat?

… when meat, milk and dairy products are forbidden? Eating vegan, plant based and starch free can only mean one thing: permanent hunger and monotony. Nope! Quite the contrary! You will find recipes for tasty and delicious meals on the blog, using new edibles you never had before. Nothing exotic, only new. You surely will have had almonds … at least once in your life 😉 ? … but have you had almond butter? I am sure you know bread, but have you ever had starch free bread? Made of seeds, crunchy nuts and starch free meal …? It tastes so good, that once you have tried it you will give up eating “traditional” bread. Have you ever had a juice? I mean a really one, not the proceeded one you buy in the supermarket. I mean juice made of fresh organic fruits and vegetables …

If you never had food like this you will explore a totally new world on the blog Medici&More. A revolution will happen on your plate. May I invite you to start the exciting adventure into health?

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