Medici&More Takes a Pause*


Some of you will know Monet´s painting of the Waterlilies as seen on the photo above. But this is not the original. It is a copy made by our family doctor Lutz Ammerer who is not only a perfect diagnostician and a gentle therapist but also a gifted artist. He could easily earn his life as pianist (he plays the Goldberg-Variationen by heart) or as painter. Some months ago he started copying Monet and van Gogh, s. the Wheatfield with Cypresses below.


There are of course much more finished paintings by Lutz Ammerer until now. He has been copying eagerly for his and his family´s pleasure. And the patients´ too, as some of paintings can be seen in the doctor´s office.

*After many days and hours scraping tiny parts of a wallpaper that seemed to be cemented into the wall my right shoulder asked for taking a holiday.

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